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  • Dr Gérard BERTIN

Valerie RAVIDATDr Gérard BERTIN (PhD specialized in "Physiology of Nutrition") worked for more thirty-five in the private sectors as R&D and Regulatory affairs manager. He had a very close collaboration with EU professional associations and participate to the elaboration of the feed additive regulation. He was actively involved in the Mycotoxin Inactivator functional group.

During his employment Dr BERTIN has successfully deposited more than 12 feed additives dossiers such as alive yeast, enzyme, organic selenium, silage agents. On behalf of EU association he actively collaborated with the EURL-FA to the implementation of the standardization of method of analysis .

During this period he gained a very high expertise and understanding of the scientific and regulatory aspects of feed and food regulation at national, EU and international levels.

Dr BERTIN hold degrees as analytical and toxicologist expert.



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