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Dietetic feeds and all other types of feeds [reg. (EC) No 767/2009 and Directive 2008/38/CE]

The regulation (EC) No 767/2009 aims at updating and integrating the existing legislation on :

dietetic feed

  • the circulation of compound feedingstuffs
  • feedingstuffs intended for particular nutritional purposes (“dietetic feed”)
  • the circulation and use of feed materials
  • certain products used in animal nutrition (“bio-proteins” Directive No 82/471/CE)


This text has several important implications for feeds particularly dietetic feeds.

Dietetic feed is a ‘feed intended for particular nutritional purposes’ means feed which can satisfy a particular nutritional purpose by virtue of its particular composition or method of manufacture, which clearly distinguishes it from ordinary feed.

Feed intended for particular nutritional purposes does not include medicated feedingstuffs within the meaning of Directive 90/167/EEC. Feed intended for particular nutritional purposes may only be marketed as such if a dossier has been submitted which include its intended use in the list set out in Directive 2008/38/EC.


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