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Feed materials [reg. (EC) No 767/2009]

The regulation (EC) No 767/2009 has been set up to simplify and harmonize EU rules concerning the marketing of feed materials and compounds feeds to ensure high safety level.

It covers:

  • damierthe definition/classification of feed materials, feed additives, compound feeds
  • the "open declaration" of feed materials and the establishment of a catalogue of feed materials
  • the new labeling regime for feed with possibility of making claims
  • the circulation and use of dietetic feeds (feeds intended for particular nutritional purposes)

ERAWAN CONSULTING can assist you:

  • in the categorization of your product, whether it falls into the category of feed material, feed additive, compound feed. Sometimes the differentiation is not obvious.
  • in your online declaration of your feed material.
  • in your labelling approach with the help of different codes of practice.
  • in the preparation/submission of dietetic feeds dossier and/or preparation of dossiers for feed material applications.